my cat ate a rat...

My cat ate a rat this morning, and threw it up on my shoe just now.....

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My cat does that... or it just does it for badness... One time I watched it bother a hedgehog for an hour or so, it kept walking up and trying to paw it lightly to see if it had stopped being spiky, the hedgehog just walked on ignoring the cats advances... The cat is a psycho though, like mentally disturbed kitty, one time it attacked a dog and somehow got on its back it was really wierd... Yet it's a big wuss to other cats... I've also seen her jump off a tall thing on to a bird taking off, that was a crazy sight...
Mad Cat9 years ago
We found a rat the size of a cat under our house, so not even our fierce cat could attack it!
Goodhart9 years ago
Oh, wide rats can be really mean too (and contain all kinds of wonderful diseases too). Pet rats, on the other hand are quite clean and friendly.....
My feet taste like walking
probably something we did not need to know.
Brennn109 years ago
My dog once hat a rat in it's mouse, everything but the tail was hanging outof his mouth. It was hilarious! I guess your cat did it's job.
What The Spaghetti?
tech-king9 years ago
sorry to be rude, but why are you posting this?? and am i a hypocrite for posting a post asking why someone posted a post?
My cat used to bring rats/birds to our door step all the time