my instructable didnt EVER show up in the 'new' list

=( im sad that my 1st instructable NEVER showed up, outside my profile page. iv contacted tim and a few 'upper powers' lol but no respond.

LOL u should all check it out, its about silencers! :-P

Picture of my instructable didnt EVER show up in the 'new' list
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Kiteman9 years ago
I'm guessing the filters hooked it up, thanks to the subject and key-words.

After that, even if it hit the recent pages, it could have been unpublished by TPTB because you admit it's not your work, but don't credit the source, and there is a dramatic lack of essential images. Plus, step three needs to be broken up into several smaller steps (with images)just to make it readable.

BTW, did you ever think of PMing TPTB to find out why it never showed up?
!Andrew_Modder! (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
wate TPTB??
The Powers That Be.

The ones in charge...
!Andrew_Modder! (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
!Andrew_Modder! (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
well my source is limewire =\ some random guy made it and put it up on there. and i mentioned it in there
ll.139 years ago
Suppressors, never call them silencers ;) I did see your i'Ble... I can't remember where/how though. =)