my knex fmg-9

ok i have just recently made a knex fmg-9 now i want everybody's opinion should i post instructions for it or not.

Picture of my knex fmg-9
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chevy62 (author) 5 years ago
thanks and i made the handle small so it would stay folded up very easy and my knex are for sale look in my forum posts
looks kinda small but hey if it works post! =D
chevy62 (author)  aleceatsfood6 years ago
thanks did you rate
yah 5*!
chevy62 (author)  aleceatsfood6 years ago
sweeet thanks did you find the instructions
yeah i found a bigger one in which I'm building at the moment but
A) if it doesn't work
b) i build it and then take it apart

then after that i'll build it!
chevy62 (author)  aleceatsfood6 years ago
already posted
DJ Radio7 years ago
That looks like Jollex's FMG.
chevy62 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
i didn't know because just yesturaday i was borad so this is what i ended up building so what do you think about it. it is my first gun that works realy well