my mini helicopter

hey,this is my new mini helicopter i got it for 29.97. its really fun to play with. my last one got cought on a two story roof lol. well here my new helicopter and landing pad. i made my own landing pad out of knex.

Picture of my mini helicopter
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al95958 years ago
i like your heli lol i have the exact same, i like your heli pad post plz
royalestel10 years ago
Had a friend buy one a while back. Ended up sticking a pushpin in the nose to get a reliable forward movement . .
HamO10 years ago
Can you fly this one up to rescue your other heli?
Rognvaldur10 years ago
hello im not trying to be rude but you are supposed to show instructions on this site but still, its a nice helicopter.
funwithfire325 (author)  Rognvaldur10 years ago
..... this is a fourm ......