my new DIY cellular nokia with photocamera

Anyone can make them working together?

Picture of my new DIY cellular nokia with photocamera
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ottoherrero6 years ago
I used to have this phone too many years ago! Mine was not with camera option, I think. I can't remember see this little metal piece beside my phone...
ll.139 years ago
I want to see this boingboing'ed, engadget'd, lifehacker'd, etc... It's a great idea anyway!
I'm sure it's possible !
Last week, I successfully integrated my washing machine into my cellular phone. I'm now able to wash my dirty linen in public ! =o)

So, integrating a cellular phone into this photo camera should be even easier ...

have you a photo of your cellular washing machine lol :)
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Unless you have some sort of digital output on the camera, it won't work. That looks like a 35mm rangefinder (ie, non-digital) to me.