my new gun

this is my new gun with clip on bullets and it pretty much rivals killerks

Picture of my new gun
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the dawg9 years ago
IT is killerks
HBF10 years ago
Okay, Same barrel, same handle, bullet locks, Clearly a killerk copy.
sethex10 years ago
im new here but i agree with oodalumps... ima say it again, barrel length should be about: 80 % of length of bullet + amount of pin that doesn't leave the barrel (the other 20% should stick out, this keeps the front of the bullet from generating resistance as it moves through the barrel) more length decreases range and power, and knex go so relatively slow that accuracy doesn't really go up this principle applies to real firearms, but those barrels are single pieces made out of metal alloys and those bullets go a bit faster...
it looks EXACTLY like killerk's pistol
augsut345 (author) 10 years ago
it shoots 30-80ft=p
oodalumps10 years ago
Ugh... Okay augsut345, I see you have posted 4 instuctables, and all of them are basically the same Knex gun with different connectors on the barrel. Guns like these are the bane of most people on this site. so it would help the image of Knex guns if you would please reframe from posting similar guns in the future.
Nice, but does it go far?
yeah but yours is different, in the handle
drummer ian10 years ago
it is killerks isnt it just built with different pieces, thts like saying that my red car is pretty much the same as my friends blue car!