my new knex creation... the destroyer machine gun!!

my newest creation... the distroyer. the gun lives up the the name. it is a 36-shot machine gun. you could also call it a gatling gun. it is compleately my creation. i am thinking about posting instructions but i do not have lots of time to do it. also it is a very big gun. most people will not have the peaces to make it anyway. it uses ruffly 680 peaces. it moves fast. it can shoot all 36 shots in + or - 5 seconds. also this verson of the gun is a bit rofe. before i even think about instructions it will need some moding.

Picture of my new knex creation... the destroyer machine gun!!
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MI68 years ago
dsman195276 (author)  MI68 years ago
this forum topic was made in dec 7 2007, do you really think i still have it?
the barrels are the same as blackrod's slide gun
its 32 shot
yeah! in a box somewhere with CHRISTMAS on it
MI6 dsman1952768 years ago
sorry *cowers in corner*
Tmbo179328 years ago
Please post!
Keith-Kid9 years ago
Cool, I should hang out here more often.
dsman195276 (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
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