my new nose ring

my new nose ring u also get to see part of my face ;)

Picture of my new nose ring
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purduecer8 years ago
Fun, now just electrocute it and you will have your own instant bloody nose cauterizer :-P
darth acexxacer (author)  purduecer8 years ago
rofl i aint putting any amps thru something that close to my brain
Kiteman9 years ago
Sorry, but only two things sprang to mind when I saw that photo.

I'd be waiting for you to moo or sneeze it out.
nose ring.jpgWire_Staples_small.jpg
knexguy Kiteman8 years ago
Yay, at least one other person is sane...
Kiteman knexguy8 years ago
knexguy Kiteman8 years ago
Unfortunately I could see a slight bend in the pen in the intro pic... ruined the effect slightly. Would still be a good trick to do with a chicken bone of something though. Pretend it was an accident...
lemonie8 years ago
See this pic of a friend's nose-bolt. He did it with a safety-pin years ago. People do ask if it goes through the bone - no it doesn't


(Like Kiteman yours isn't ring-shaped - what is it?)
Be careful, I had a fight with a guy with a nose ring and when I hit him it caught on my sleeve and ripped it right through the bridge in his nose, it wasn't pretty, he was a friend at some point but he slabbered about my dad and so got a beating, we have since spoken and he explained that he had to have sugery, hoever his was a thick ring quite high into his nose...
That's the reasoning on why you see girls taking their earrings and all off before a fight...
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