my newest arsenal

this is my newestr arsenal
not much but good
the sexbow from zak
the mezak celebration of zak and mepain
the FSSG from logic boy

you can see i really like oodammo
and just post your newest arsenal i really like to see what's your war kit

Picture of my newest arsenal
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Lowney6 years ago
The Mezak was a collaboration, not a celebration.
Thought you may want to know :-)
Translator fail, not his fail.
Which was why I was correcting it.
Ok, I thought you were correcting him.
1825156 years ago
Do you still have the sex bow? just wondering i dont want any pics.
dutchwarlord (author)  1825156 years ago
no i was trying to build one for myself but that didn't work out!

but trust me it was an hell of a gun
That stinks.

I am actually workining on a gun/bow that works on the same principle.
Its Mezak Collaboration, not celebration. (this wasn't meant to be nasty).
ninjusk6 years ago
hey would it be possible to show me more pics of the bow i am thinking about making it
dutchwarlord (author)  ninjusk6 years ago
no sorry
zak told me not to
man that is stupid
thanks any ways
dutchwarlord (author)  ninjusk6 years ago
yee i know sorry man
but the gun is from zak
and he just don't want to give any one pics
do you know why?
Kinetic ninjusk6 years ago
 Dont worry I'm working on  a bow that will be twice as good-it's looking promising so far-I'll get it up as soon as I can
ninjusk Kinetic6 years ago
will it use a turret
Kinetic ninjusk6 years ago
 Two turrets, its a shotbow
wtf? a shotbow has mags..... i think...
whatev, im not sure lol! i thought my slayer is a shotbow
but im a nooooooooooooooooooob what do i know lol!
 A shotbow is a bow/crossbow that shoots two at a time-and this one is going to have two turrets that fire simultaneously.
sweet now eyes knowz :)

        ! ! ! t h a n k y o u ! ! !
 its done and its freakin awesome-ill fost some pics and probably a forum and video
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
Ya the forum is up-I used your trigger (hope you dont mind I gave you credit)  Check it out.
dutchwarlord (author)  Kinetic6 years ago
i like it
please post
Sounds promising.... Looking forward. When will it be ready?
What's the worst that he can do?  Only Chuck Norris can hit people through computer screens.

dutchwarlord (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
n it's not he can do something to my
no i respecting every knexer so if he don't want to i just don't do post pics
Here's mine:
Long sling pistol
2 E.A.P's
A modded NB-4
And Mr. Doomsday

You like??
yes i really like
but can you take them all in a knex war
No, I was just showing my built guns. If I went in war I would use the BR18 and Mr. Doomsday.
oo oke i like the br 18
but wtf is the mr doomsday
Mr. Doomsday is my new one shot oodammo pistol.
slideshow NAO.
I'll be posting instructions soon enough. Also what does NAO mean??

NAO means NOW. It is pronounced the same as now.


I got it now, just didn't think of it that way before. :-)
kk just trying to help :-)
I still want pictures.
Ok thanks. I should of got that.
do you have pics of mr doomsday
I'll pm them.
 to me? yayz!
Could you PM me a couple too?
No biggie, just wondering.


can you pm me the pics?please?
 *jaw drops*
too many knex!! bran overload!!! boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!(head blows up)

That's not even half of all my knex. Most of mine are in a box, in half built projects.

 *jaw drops*
me to this is only what i'm using in a knex war
Oh, I was just showing all my good guns.
What're the two bottom-most pistols?
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
Modded NB4, and probably Mr. Doomsday.
travw DJ Radio6 years ago
I sorta figured it was the modded NB4, it just doesn't look related. And, I figured the Mr. Doomsday would be big and scary.
TheDunkis travw6 years ago
So would Mepain's destroyer of souls or whatever and that thing was...well you know.

Man I feel left out. I really see if any of my friends have some K'nex they're willing to get rid of. I never get to build guns by other people. All I have right now is my special project.
I found about 2 users on ibles who were willing to give away their knex collections free. Try getting more hookups in the non-knexer community.
who were the people that would give away there knex?
its devourer of souls
travw TheDunkis6 years ago

Yeah, my buddy might be willing to sell me some knex, but they're technically his older brother's, so we'll see.

Just cuz they have a big name doesn't mean they have to be big themself.

Modded NB-4 and Mr. Doomsday
do you have pics of mr.doomsday and pics of the rifle next to zkar v2 and whats the name of that one next to zkar v2
The gun next to the ZKAR is the K~SCSR.
I'll be posting Mr. Doomsday soon. After TNKIT.
cool cant wait. so i just hooked my stereo up to my ps2 and the sound quality is bitchin best sound i ever heard so when i get my xbox 360 gonna be ever better
Good for you??
totally good for me
thank you and go check out my new oodammo pistol please?
and the nb 4 pistol please?
No, cuz it's junk.
Kinetic6 years ago
 Whats the fssg's range?
dutchwarlord (author)  Kinetic6 years ago
like 30 to 40 feet
but with that odammo mod 60 feet
bigdylan916 years ago
Hmm,well at the moment i have the AR4 V3 Commando with mine and dj's mods, and the E.A.P., and im also gonna be making some more guns soon.
cool bas36 years ago
this is my arsenal:
-sipriani rifle v3.
-hell slayer.
-heavy cannon v5.
the hell slayer rules! and the heavy cannon too! 
but sipriani rifle is very very very very powerful
i know, i've built it before!
viccie iam canadian knexfreek rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAAAAAA! Who is your fave? I think i likr IAC's guns better, but i like knexfreek better.
 sweet thanks!!
haha, you a cooler guy than him! (very opinionated)
 well thanks!! But i like iacs guns ALOT too!!! i have never built his BIG cannon tho! :( not enough pieces :(
soo, you can't even make the v5?
 no i cant build his biggest one.  i can build the others tho! :)

the best looking guns:silantassin21
random fun-viccie
silentassasin does have cool looking guns!
 sick weaponry!!!! lolz my hell slayer is so small compared to the heavy cannon!!
Owenmon6 years ago
Can you post Zak's turret bow? :-)
DJ Radio6 years ago
Newest arsenal:

-Mepain's shotgun pistol
-Jackal v4
-ZKAR v2.
Arsenal 003.JPG
dutchwarlord (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
do you also love the skar v2??
i really do
o and your jackell is wonderfull
i've build and my newest arsenal would be your jackell instead of mezak
Yeah, its working great.  The Etape is holding my pin together very well.

Glad you like my Jackal.
The saddest day of my life has came. The day that dj has a bigger arsenal then me. But that is because i dont have anything built.
I dont think I can make any more guns.  Im almost out of red connectors so I cant make any more oodammo.