my room.

My bedroom is dull. its small. plain. and i want to change it. i was looking at the electro graph that grafiti research labs made. is there anyway i can have a colorful lighting design in my room that i could power on and off? Any cool ideas on decorating with shelving and such?

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astrozombies138 (author) 9 years ago
Im not very good with furniture or anything, but i look at all of these folding tables that have like pingpong on one side and poker table on the other. I was thinking if my bed was high enough off the ground i could flip it so it was a bed/ couch. This would be best for me because of size, my room is really quite small so i dont have room for any of those pull out beds. is this possible?
astrozombies138 (author) 9 years ago
Well, soon enough i will be picking up supplies for my room with the possibility of moving into my attic which is pretty cozy. I am still sorting out cool ideas for my room considering that the attic is quite large, some of the ideas are a work station with my third hand and soldering and electronics equipment and desk where i can keep my laptop and do homework (this would probably be connected to the soldering work station with a bit of space inbetween. My bed with the DIY projetor and tyvek screen, Somewhere in the room i would also have a microwave that i still have lying around the house. Anyone have any ideas for re-doing a room, if so please post.
Take a picture of the attic, so we can see what you've got to work with. ..did you make the DIY projector with an overhead projector?
not yet im planning on buying the overhead projector either today or tomorrow off ebay ill post some pictures within the hour
Cool, and you've got a tv/monitor for it, too? Where did you get tyvek from?
Got the tyvek from the construction site for a house they are building a a block away. And the monitor would be coming from my dads old laptop, its a compaq the monitor works fine but the laptop was unusable as a computer there is alot of stuff messed up with it but it does have vga and dvi port.
Very cool...good luck with it all.
will do, i think my biggest issue with the attic would be the fact that since my house is 100 something years old the attic has the slanted walls, but it does have a carpet and is heating and all, my parents talked about dormering it out once but i don't think that will by happening very soon but i was thinking about moving up there anyway.
thought: privacy using the remote controll dead bolt instructable on my doors or install a keypad system that i believe can be bought at a hardware store.
I got a $15 doorbell for my room from Home Depot.
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