my smallest computer build: HELP WANTED

Recently, I got an IBM motherboard from one of my friends. They gave it to me because of all the bad caps that were on it. Little did they know that I would find the caps to fix it. Now that it works again, I decided I should put it into something really cool. I had a dead curtis rcd847 cd player, and a motherboard that would fit inside it. I have everything that is needed for it to work: 256mb ram, a power supply, keyboard and mouse, a hard drive, etc. now i need help figuring out how i am going to get the power supply, hard drive, and maybe even a cdrom drive into this cd player. this is the point where i am asking for some help. i was thinking about making a base for it but are there any other suggestions for how do go about it?

PS: the first picture is the motherboard, the second the power supply, the third is all of the bad capacitors, 4 and 5 are the cd player shell, and the last one is the hard drive

Picture of my smallest computer build: HELP WANTED
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zack247 (author) 7 years ago
well, for anyone who is actually reading this, this project has come to a stop. i have no psu small enough, and this motherboard cant usb boot. i dont have the budget range to buy a mini itx board, so this project has stopped for the time being
zack247 (author) 7 years ago
UPDATE: i now have the motherboard mounted, and the psu is ready to be installed (after a little bit more trimming), and it is now sporting a new heatsink and fan. how do i use the digital display that was on this cable converter? how do i hook it up? also, i have 4 leds on the front panel, and i need one more to be used. i have one for power, one for hdd loading, and one for power OK. what can i use the last one for? ideas?
zack247 (author) 7 years ago

how to boot windows (linux, or maybe, even though i hate it, {shudders} mac os x) from a usb drive instead of a hard drive? (no hard drive at all, just USB) i think it said something in the bios about usb boot, but im not sure.
gmjhowe7 years ago
 perhaps you can get a similair sized smaller unit with the same width and depth, that you could mount the extra bits in? Often in computer design, they will put the harddrives and psu in one section the the motherboard in another, for better airflow.

zack247 (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
with my new case (lookie lookie^^^^) i am going to put a wall or something between the psu and the mobo, for 2 reasons:
1: just in case the ps blows up it doesn't do too much damage to the mobo
2: for your reason, airflow. also i think its better that the psu stays greedy and keeps the heat  to itself
zack247 (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
i was thinking of using 2 empty cdrom shells. 1 for the hard drive, and 1 for the psu. i was wondering why it was so light, and found out everything is really smal, the transformers are about the size of a 2 dollar coin! the problem is that it makes a squealing noise. i dont think i should trust it. i had a psu like that once before, and it killed two of my hard drives. i am thinking of finding another psu that fits and try my luck with that.
zack247 (author) 7 years ago
Some updates:
i have now gotten the hole cut in the back for the motherboard's connections, and the motherboard put into place. i am thinking of mounting it using some more cheap dollar store mekano (only because i have too much, and it wont bend easy). anyone who disagrees should speak up, because tomorrow i am going to find the perfect fits and install it. one pic is with the flash one is without. i already have a small fan installed in the case for the psu's heat, but i think i'm going to have to find a much, much bigger one. (you see it at the back? yeah, the box-ish thing with wires coming out. yeah, thats it. real small)
zack247 (author) 7 years ago
GOOD NEWS: i have been blessed with a Philips CVS2700 Cable converter. stacked up, it looks like everything is going to fit. closely, but fit. i'll just have to take the psu out of its shell. i took some pictures of the unit and the disassembly. i unsoldered most of the things too, just in case. and i noticed the gigantic cable in box that was in this thing! do they really need to be this big?
CR4z1L0u7 years ago
for this system.....if you are going to use that CD drive shell i suggest u save up some money and buy a laptop hard drive and the converter so u can use it on a desktop mobo and then get an external cd drive that u can either modify to fit in side the case or just use it how it is meant to be used.........then the hard part is the PSU......i say get one of those small 200 or 300 watt power supplies that they use for those mini itx things......somethin like this And that should do it
zack247 (author) 7 years ago
i am considering putting it into something else. this isn't working out as well as i had hoped, and the hard drive failed during the setup and gave me the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! it said something about a physical memory dump? now it doesn't even show up in the bios. any ideas for other things i could try?

the measurements are about
9 1/2" wide
7 1/4" long
2 1/2" tall
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