my son wants firetruck lights

so my 3 year old has his heart set on being a fire truck for halloween - but he wants to have the lights on his head ...

does anyone know how I might go about making a hat with flashing lights?  and where I would need to go shop to find the lights, wire, etc...

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psypapata5 years ago
Check this
Jenntinoc5 years ago
They have flashing red lights at the dollar store- I believe they take aaa batteries. My son is obsessed w/firetrucks also, he clips these on to his shirts, hats, - everything:)
Wow...How cool is that!! Be the truck!! I LOVE IT!!

As for the 12v battery it would be lighter if you went to radio shack and purchased 270-387 8 AA Holder and batteries. It would also run longer than on a 9v battery as there is probably a motor in those lights that causes a reflector to spin resulting in the flashing

If you order from DX will it be here in time?
I've seen red flashing LED safety lights for use when riding a bicycle that only cost ~$2. They are smaller than a deck of cards and powered by 2 AA batteries. I would think that they could easily be incorporated into the costume.

Some of the lights I'm reffering to could produce 5 different flashing patterns. They may not flash in the same kind of pattern as an actual fire trucks lights, but I don't know if that is something you would strictly require.
Kiteman5 years ago
Browse this site for flashing LED projects, pick one that matches your skills and budget, then reach for a toy firefighter helmet...
Moem Kiteman5 years ago
He wants to be a fire truck, not a fire fighter... Much more fun!
Kiteman Moem5 years ago
I figured that he could be both if he had lights installed on a helmet...
zieak5 years ago
I bet you could remove the lights from a toy fire truck and then attach them to a hat. I had started a similar project where I was using a hardhat because there is plenty of space between your head and the helmet to store batteries and run wires.
Moem zieak5 years ago
A hard hat would be a fine start! I'm lazy, and so I would get a flashing warning light like these, and attach that to the hat... then all it would need is a battery pack inside the hat, and even though it's meant for 12v, it will probably run on a 9v battery.

If you're even lazier, you can get this or something similar, and change the way it looks.
hope you don't get 5hocked
Goodhart zieak5 years ago
That would definitely be the easiest route :-)
Toga_Dan5 years ago

You'll need a 12 v supply. perhaps a 12 v cordless drill battery, or two 6 v lantern batteries in series.