mydian_nightshade- Finalist

mydian_nightshade is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:
Furniture grade cocktail arcade cabinet

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mydian_nightshade (author) 10 years ago
Oh well.
Too bad you wouldn't keep the laser cutter :( Your creation is beautiful!
Too bad you wouldn't keep the laser cutter :( I think your creation is beautiful!
mydian_nightshade (author) 10 years ago
Um, thanks for the nomination. I don't even know what the rules or prizes are, but if I get a freakin' laser engraver, I'd probably donate it to UIC's design department... no wait - I should donate it to my OWN college - CMU - duh. I just have no need or place for a big honkin' piece of industrial machinery in my life. Right now that is ;) ... as for any 'upcoming' instructables, I have a really nice geodesic dome one, but I need to figure out who owns the rights to the design before I post it (I made it while working for a museum in DC) I also will do a couple of costume ideas, like fairy wings and a life size toy soldier winding key , maybe a laptop to photo frame conversion, and I still have this idea for a steampunk Ipod mod rattling around in my head for years. But I need to wait a few weeks, until my bosses are on vacation to really get back to work.
syribia10 years ago
Nice work, good luck