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i changed my name from i am awesome to coolknexcreations. It will be changed within a week (if the admin reads my comment.) if you are happy with my name change, (like me) please leave a comment. Dont forget to subscribe! :D

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lemonie7 years ago
Subscriptions mean nothing, esp. if you're in a crowd of people who subscribe to each other because the want subscriptions. It's worthless-point-scoring. You'll disagree with me, but at some stage in your life you'll acknowledge that subscribers weren't really important.

To me, subscribers are important because it shows me who supports my work and who wants me to keep posting more good stuff.  I don't beg for subs, and I don't roll with the "sub 4 sub" program so this makes them a little more cherish-able.
Ah but this is you people know you and your stuff that is why they subscribe. That's the opposite of "Please subscribe!!!"

We all have to start from somewhere Lemonie.  
Yep, and the ball machine looks promising.

Ball machine?
Relative importance of anything is defined by the individual. There is no objective right or wrong for how important subscribers are - making it somewhat arrogant to say "at some stage in your life you'll acknowledge that subscribers weren't really important". Are subscribers important to me? No, but that doesn't mean they aren't or shouldn't be to this poster, who isn't "in the wrong" about anything. 
It is point-scoring, and nothing more in this context "Dont forget to subscribe!"
If people subscribe it should be because they want to, I've never asked anyone to subscribe to me and I don't care that anyone has, in a social-internet-network point-scoring matters, it's a quantification of an internet-presence.
How much do you value something? - the amount of publicity and marketing it gets or it's intrinsic -value?

Yes. I agree that it is point scoring. I don't particularly care about it either.

But my point is not how to determine value, it is that to impose one's own definition of value or relative value of specific things on another is presumptuous.
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