need a tutorial on fly robot fly

Respecte sirs,

i saw a image for fly robot fly
i want to develop a same size robot can any one help me to develop this
i will be thankful to him

 That thing could have been developed by the US military or CIA for recon/spying. They could target you as a threat to national security if you develop something like that. You know put a mini-cam on it then... Just don't even try to develop something like that. (not that I'm a US citizen or something)
oooo. i'd be mad if they tried something like that. we as citizens are allow our own development of things. how else would we have access to smartphones?
massmailer123 (author) 7 years ago
is it possible to give a buttefly tutorial

Kiteman7 years ago

Not a chance.

That thing is the product of years of concerted effort from a team of post-doctoral scientists and technologists.