lets trade kits

i will trade for your random parts i mostly very big LED's or LED displays or any electronics you dont need that are in OK or acceptable condition for upcoming school science fair (don't live near radio shack) i will trade my electronics kit to you it includes.

2-POSITION ROTARY SWITCH condition=mint about the
size=of the tip of your thumb to the middle joint.

3 pin stereo jack 2 peices condition=mint
size= of a nickel.

mono and disk capacitor condition=OK (sightly scratched leads)

1 film capacitor condition=mint

1 resistor 260 Ohms condition=good

1 toroid with copper wire 1 without condition=mint
size= 2cm in circumference
size=a dime


and 5 other unknown peices (sensors and capacitors)

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martzsam7 years ago
I have a LCD screen harvested from a portable dvd player. Ill trade you for a flyback transformer if you have or can get one.
lemonie8 years ago
Look around for electronics (e.g. big TVs) that people have left out as trash - plenty of bits in them. Telling us what you want to make might be a good idea since you obviously have a clear plan? L
I thought TV's were the worst thing to take apart? (Big capacitors.)
Never had a problem, if they're long-dead they're drained in my experience. L
Three months or more is ok I guess, but in the mean time I wouldn't recommend it.
gmoon8 years ago
Try scrounging for parts from discarded electronics... Otherwise, ele stores on the web are good.

Something's not right about this:
1 resistor 26000000000 Ohms condition=good

That's a 26000 MEG resistor--I don't believe they make those. 10 Meg is about it for "off the shelf..."
albylovesscience (author)  gmoon8 years ago