need help bending/shaping a sewing needle into a spring-shape

Hello all!

   I need help shaping existing sewing needles into spring shapes...and need to mass produce! I have an invention idea for a sewing needle, and after countless attempts at commissioning someone to manufacture for me, I have decided to do it myself. However, as I am a layman I have no idea how to get started!  I had created many prototypes by heating up sewing needles, then wrapping them around screws. I have tried many times to create a machine that could easily do this for me, however to no avail.  Another problem I have is that once the metal is heated and bent into shape, I need a way to possible polish and return the shine...

  I have approached many shops worldwide from: sewing needle companies/ spring making companies, cnc, medical instruments, metal artists, aerospace, prototyping companies, 3d printing, the list goes on...

 So now i'm back to square one...any help is appreciated, thanks !

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Toga_Dan5 months ago

I can suggest a machine shop in denver.

Toga_Dan5 months ago

once bent into shape, I suggest hardening, tempering, tumbling to polish, and copper plating them.

ilpug5 months ago

I would start from scratch with steel wire, or buy pre-wound springs and modify those. Needles are very hard to work with, and they are usually coated.

Downunder35m6 months ago

There is very little you can do in this regards with needles, been there done that :(
It is not the shine you need to worry about but the coating itself as it is either chrome or nickel.
This is to prevent rust and corrosion.
So even if you get them back to shine they won't be usable for long.

Similar story for the hardening.
The steel is designed to be hard and durable but not to be springy.
You either get less hardness or a very brittle needle but nothing that would have any real give.
They tend to break very easy.

What type and thickness for the yarn in question?
Assuming you still want to use them for sewing that is...
There might be other options if you can provide a bit more detail on how the thing is supposed to be used ;)

chultzu (author)  Downunder35m6 months ago

Thanks for the response.

They are my innovation (so to speak) for performing simple stitches. I noticed this pattern when sewing once, and saw my hand travelling in a spiral motion in order to complete each stitch. so I made a needle in that shape. once thread is attached, you simply spin the needle through the fabric and it keeps your stitches at perfect proportions.

In that case you are a bit lost.
You would need to start from scratch, making "your needle", hardening, polishing and then finally plating it.

Yonatan246 months ago

How do you know that they're made of the correct type of spring steel? Google "how to make springs".