need help identifying a plant

my mother recently received a plant that she could not identify if anyone can help out in finding out what kind of plant this is 

thank you,
fidgety 2

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Pavlovafowl5 years ago
It looks to me at first glance from the leaves and flowers like a member of the penstemon family, also known as 'beardstongue'. I've checked and certain penstemons are native to Southern Georgia and are a protected species, which would make sense of giving a cultivated one as a present on Earth Day. There are also members of the Labiatae family which have similar flowers but I can't tell from the photo. If you could post a closeup of the leaves and flowers or check yourself from pictures of native plants on the web, you should be able to identify it. Here in France penstemons are cultivated garden border plants and I have grown some from seed. They are a gorgeous family and there are over 250 species in a myriad of colours. Whatever it is, lucky you and your mother for getting such beauty as a gift!
Paulus445 years ago
Maybe you can look in this google site. Anyway it is very nice to look at.
canida5 years ago
What part of the country/world do you live in? That may help us narrow it down.
fidgety2 (author)  canida5 years ago
I live in atlanta georgia USA
Does it smell? At first my thought is that it's a miniature lilac, but the leaves and flowers don't quite look right for a lilac..... I would almost say that it could be a Mexican Heather... though the flowers don't look quite right...
Has it bloomed yet?
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Indoor, outdoor, local to your area, sunny, shade, from a nursery, big home center, annual, perennial, any tags? Nice purple flowers.
fidgety2 (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
We have no idea it was a free gift for earth day and we are hoping somebody recognizes it