need help with levers and pulley thingy

I need help. yet again... im making a piggybank that has wings on hinges(when pigs fly...) there is a lever that when a coin is inserted the lever is pushed down the lever is hinged on one end and the other end is the end that goes down. the end that goes down has a string. the two wings have a string on each running from the wing to a rod that rises from beside the coin insert on each side. i had one string run from wing A trough a eyelette on rod A through a eyelette on rod B then onto wing B. i then had the string from the lever go over the length of string between the two rods and then back to the lever. that only lifted the wings ~1 CM the wings need to be lifted ~6 CM but the downward pull is only ~1 CM and is not variable. i have several ideas floating around but i would appreciate your help.

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ledzep567 (author) 9 years ago
here are some quick pictures,sketches. sorry if the Paint sketch is too small but its the details of the pulling mechanism.
instructables 015.jpginstructables.jpginafg.JPG
ledzep567 (author) 9 years ago
due to being at dads house(project not there, plus no digital camera) and pictures done in Paint seem to take up too much memory for uploading... i will have to further explain. its not the weight of the coin, its the force of you pushing the coin into the slot. there is a trapdoor under the slot and you have to push it open with the coin. the trapdoor going down has a string. that creates the downward pull of ~1CM there should be pics in the beginning of the week. sorry
jtobako9 years ago
Change your fulcrum position, add some more lever, add a counter-weight to the wings, add another lever... Hard to 'see' the problem without a picture or diagram : )
Patrik9 years ago
Are the wings supposed to move just by the weight of the coin? If so, you'll need wings which are very light, and a mechanism with very little friction...
Patrik9 years ago
If you could draw us a picture, that would help...
Goodhart9 years ago
if the fulcrum is able to be moved, you could bring it closer to what is pushed; however, be forewarned that this will increase the amount of effort needed to "tip" the lever.