need knex gun ideas

all i want is some ideas so if you have some go ahead and let me know thanks

AUG-5OM35 years ago
FAMAS, WA2000, a good looking revolver replica (e.g.) a Magnum .357, MP5 (not the MP5K there is a difference=D,) H&K SL8, The Type 100, FN FAL, H&K G11, a double barreled shotgun, The Stoner 63, XM8, Steyr AUG A1, A2 or A3,
Remmington 870 MCS, Remmington Tac-1, Model 1887
(We seriously lack good shotgun replicas) Winchester repeater rifle, and the UMP .45

There are a lot of guns (I could go on like this for ages =D) Unfortunately the K'nex community focusses on a very small group of knex guns (e.g. The AK-47 or 74u) the Barret .50 cal etc. It would be great if some new guns were posted. personally i couldn't care less about performance so I'll be happy if it is a decent model-replica.

Hopes this helps.

Knex.X5 years ago
A pump action spas-12
Jayefuu5 years ago
Something that shoots flaming knex, that melt on impact into a molten splat like a paintball.
didexo5 years ago
A decent P90 with a real horizontil mag.