need to cancel my membership

I just joined last night, but when I finally printed out the instructions for the bench, they were much less detailed than I need/expect.  I need to cancel this membership immediately and get a refund.  Thank you.  Virgil Klunder

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Kiteman7 years ago
Why would you expect the printed version to contain more details than the on-screen version?
Welll, in fairness, in general the stuff on screen is often a precis of the detailed stuff in the paperwork.
Oh, like the "free" version is just the abstract?

Kind-of-thing - other sites do that.
See? Yet another reason to join Instructables!
Except there's no mechanism for doing that is there ?

I meant that the fact that we don't hide any of our content from non-payers is a good reason to be a (free) member.
And I meant that making it possible to put more in the PDF than the 'ible made being Pro a better idea.
I think the point is that the [i]content[/i] belongs to the authors, and the content is therefore available, in full, to all users, whether paid, free, or anonymous.

The PDF is a value-added "packaging" of that content (just like all-steps, but printable), and there can be justified as requiring a cost for access.
Lol why are you using bbcode? Come from a flamewar on another board? :P
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