new bed.. ideas?

Ok so its time I finnaly got a new bed. I've already though about some cool ideas of what to do with it and I wanted to see if anyone would want to contribute aswell. My first idea was to take the legs from my loft bed and put them on the corners of my normal bed. so essentially a normal bed with 4 large post at the corners, from there I would to stretch some sort of canvas or muslin at the top attached to each one of the corners and use to project whatever I want onto the screen whie I lay down. Another idea I had was to take 2 sets of computer speakers I have and place 1 on each corner of the bed then attach them to a radio which I could use to play music through fm transmiter plugged into my laptop. I already have acumulated most of this stuff around my house so it shouldn't be too hard, but before I make any more steps into the project I'd like to hear your opinions on this.

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astrozombies138 (author) 10 years ago
oh lucky me,my sisters laptop just broke, it has a lcd screen and a vga port, we tried to get it fixed but they said it didnt cover water damage, and the problem was the circuit board eroding even though she never got it wet.
Lftndbt10 years ago
Oh!! LED's!!! Under the chassis!! It could be all like..."Check out my pimp'n bed with LED's and hydraulics" ROFL!!
Kiteman Lftndbt10 years ago
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
Whoa, that'll rattle your eye teeth |LOL
Lftndbt Goodhart10 years ago
It would certainly get the ladies! err ummm .... or Maybe not... he he! ;)
Goodhart Lftndbt10 years ago
Yes it would get them, if your purpose was to bounce them off the inside of the car roof LOL
astrozombies138 (author)  Lftndbt10 years ago
hahaha, that would be wonderful, lets see how many flatscreen t.v.s i can fit in my cloest now.
astrozombies138 (author) 10 years ago
ok so with the screen i would end up using tyvek because canvas and muslin would be enough of a reflective surface would that work?
Personally, I would stick with a proper fabric for the screen, then it will not look like a screen when the projector is switched off. A light cotton fabric will make a decent screen to a back-projected image, and even a fine net can make a screen if you are front-projecting.
Goodhart10 years ago
Don't use fluorescents underneath as any um, stray moisture could cause a fire or an electrocution (I am not implying you wet the bed or anything, just being precautionary). :-)
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