new blinds flapping in wind

I purchased a horizontal blind for my (single) sliding glass door (SGD) which was a mistake. I should've bought a vertical blind since whenever I open the SGD a bit the wind catches the blind like a sail and it makes a racket when it smacks against the frame. Obviously a vertical blind could've been opened a bit more than the SGD so the wind would not catch it.

Any thoughts on how to remedy my problem would be appreciated!

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Toga_Dan3 years ago

you want to be able to leave the door ajar for ventilation? or access? how far?

DanB3 (author)  Toga_Dan3 years ago

Strictly for evening ventilation, open about 2' max.During the day it will be completely rolled up to the top (like a drop down movie screen).

Toga_Dan DanB33 years ago

I once cut a venetian blind to length. It was longer than my window. Used a chop saw. VERY slow feed rate. Slats on that blind are plastic.

Perhaps your roll-up blind could be cut shorter, or moved a bit to the side. Yes, you lose some of the privacy... you could also adopt my solution: My vertical blind lost some slats, so on the side where I leave the door ajar, I have a bedsheet hung. It doesn't make so much noise when wind hits it. Not pretty, but it gives some ventilation, and privacy.

DanB3 (author)  Toga_Dan3 years ago

This shade is not comprised of separate venetian slats like a traditional Venetian blind; but rather it is 1 long continuous fabric that folds on itself at predetermined spots. Besides that, my wife would never settle for something that was "not pretty".

Thanks anyhow.

Toga_Dan DanB33 years ago

Yeah. I didn't think it would fly. 99% of households with a lady...

What if the entire thing was on a track, allowing it to temporarily slide to one side?

DanB3 (author)  Toga_Dan3 years ago

Not sure what you mean but a track sounds too cumbersome (and ugly).

caitlinsdad3 years ago

Ah, classic conundrum where the lady of the house tells you that she wants blinds on the sliding glass door and you do everything you can to please her. It looks like you bought the wrong shades and tried to install it hoping that things work out well in the end and nobody will be the wiser. Your only option is to really bag it back in the box and go to the store to plead for mercy and exchange it for the set of blinds you really need. Otherwise, that incessant flapping in the wind, and the buzzing it can make on a good windy day, bumping into it and not being able to pass by parting the blinds, will be a constant reminder to your folly and you will rue the day that you bought it.

Been there, done it, don't do it again. Good luck.

DanB3 (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago

Hopefully there is a creative solution out there waiting for me!

Thanks anyhow, but I'm far from trashing what I have.

You might get a set of bungee cords to pull it taut and anchor the free end to the ground. or build a simple frame to mount the shades in like a door over a door - swinging or sliding.

Kiteman3 years ago

Try changing the angle of the strips, more edge-on to the draught coming from the door.

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