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So a lot of changes went up on the site today. A lot of it is covered here by frenzy. One that you might not notice at first is that the commenting system has changed.

Instead of comments branching out with replies to replies to replies there is just the parent comment and a line of replies after it that are all indented the same amount. I'm a huge fan of the change since long conversations with multiple commenters got very confusing and very far to the right. This is cleaner for sure.

So have you had a chance to see it in action? If so, how do you like it?

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Come on, it's been three months. So I guess we'll just have to wait for the next "upgrade." Home page looks nice.
fungus amungus (author)  JamesRPatrick4 years ago
I'm as sick of it as you are. It's utterly embarrassing and there's zero excuse for it. Sorry.
I assume that "how do you like it?" is a rhetorical question as experience tells me that no matter how unpopular a change proves to be on Instructables it will remain changed because the argument will always come forth that "the majority of users have not complained so they must be happy with it".
With that said I will answer your question, I for one am not keen on the new commenting system, the old system may have looked untidy at times but at least it was easy to keep track of the thread of a conversation, I predict that the new layout will rapidly lead to confusion & very likely arguments will ensue caused by misunderstandings about who's comment was aimed at or in reply to whom.
A few things are worth bearing in mind when making changes to things that thousands of people use & work perfectly well with.
Will this change really improve things or am I doing it because I want to?
Are there things that don't work properly that my time would be better spent on?
If my changes prove to be unpopular or actually make matters worse am I big enough to accept that & revert to the old method?
Have I asked / shown my idea to sufficient people who actually use the system to get a realistic impression of the possible reaction to it (beta testing group) & taken on-board any feedback both positive & negative?
Does making something look tidier actually improve it's usability or does it simply look "cleaner"?
I have also noticed that in spite of my using sentences & paragraphs when I preview this comment it appears to be in a single block, not a good look, so I have to say all in all not impressed, I think that it should have been left alone & the time spent on other things on the site that could stand some attention like perhaps helping Jayefuu to get the Achiev'ibles system running properly.
fungus amungus (author)  Nostalgic Guy5 years ago
The question is definitely not rhetorical. I totally agree with your comment, and others', that this change is not currently working. With most current replies bumped to the top and no indicator of who the reply was to it's a mess. The thread started by JamesRPatrick is a perfect catastrophic example.

As for me, I found the old system to be extremely confusing as well. Once conversations got fractured it took some timestamp forensics to put it back together again.

The text becoming one big block in the regular text editor is also weird. I'll report that one right now. Don't know why carriage returns would get stripped.
Definitely rhetorical.
I think you are probably right considering it's now almost six weeks.
I also get the distinct impression the answer to my third "Thing to bear in mind" is a resounding NO I'M NOT!!!!
Presumably this will be on a list of "things to get fixed" on the next update, not nearly soon enough I'm afraid; I for one have spent far less time in the forums lately because I'm fed up with trying to figure out who is talking to, replying to, arguing with, whom.

Definitely rhetorical.

I have to agree. And the new comments system is still as confusing as a very confusing thing. It's impossible to follow the flow of a conversation, once three or more people are participating.

So having acknowledged that there is a problem & assured us that your "how do you like it?" was not a rhetorical question I have to ask is anything going to be done about it? or do we have to struggle to keep track of conversations until the next round of "Improvements" to the site?
Might I suggest that you simply revert to the old system which although could look a little untidy did in fact work perfectly well until someone decided looking "cleaner" was more important than functionality.
Just be happy you aren't all suffering from a random double posting issue...
my oh my .. my delete finger is tired lol
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