new gun, 1BA-4E (DD-27 reborn as realistic looking rifle, with more power)

i wanted to make this ever since the DD-27 was made. this looks like a real hunting rifle,(thanks to adamsdead for the base design) and packs the punch of the DD-27. i'm pretty sure that this has some more power then the DD-27, but that has yet to be confirmed(i need to buy some more #64 rubberbands) pros: better design then the original DD-27 easier to use stronger firing pin(i have it shooting through card board with no tape!) light weight could hold up to a lot of abuse before breaking. a somewhat good piece distribution(a somewhat equal piece count for most pieces(except for yellow connectors) cons: BLOCK TRIGGER(for now anyway) the problem with the rifle setup here is that the barrel is way out in front of the handle instead of being right over the handle. the block trigger is to far away from the place were it should be, so for now it has a block trigger until i come up with true trigger mech for it it is for that reason that i will not be posting it just yet. pictures:(the second picture is of the sorted pieces from my pinball machine(note some of the pieces were taken out) (by the way, it is called 1BA-4E for a reason, and the first person to figure out why gets a cookie)

Picture of new gun, 1BA-4E (DD-27 reborn as realistic looking rifle, with more power)
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yannyboy8 years ago
the gun must be posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dsman195276 (author)  yannyboy8 years ago
i will post when i figure out a good trigger system.
Look at the inferno's trigger mech
Mine is 100X more reliable.
no seriously.
I know :P
r u a christian?
Yes, i am
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