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my strong hand gun

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goynmilk100010 years ago
Nice i have a 28 shot you think i shold post it
Pat Sowers (author)  goynmilk100010 years ago
yeah if it is strong. How far does it shoot?
20 feet at least
ive been working really hard to get free knex
so i havent been on lately
goynmilk100010 years ago
I meant 20 feet at least
Pat Sowers (author)  goynmilk10009 years ago
I would do some work on it to try to get it to go a bit farther like 30 or 40 feet because most of the new guns shoot very far. If you give me a bunch of pics that I could build your gun from I could help make it better but you can take the credit for the gun.
no you get the credit just say it was off my base gun
Pat Sowers (author)  goynmilk10009 years ago
i am going to need som pics so i san builld it.
look at this gun i made
C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\P7040284.JPG
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