new idea Maker's Binder

I am planning on making a Ible about next Friday or so, so i will make a Makers binder it is going to be a 3 ring binder withe a notebook in it and some extra cool stuff like Graph paper for making graphs and diagrams, a electronics's symbol chart and many more cool gadgets and bells and whistles so look out for my Makers binder in a few days.

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Sounds neat - post a link here so i can find it easily.
albylovesscience (author)  MasterMonkey8 years ago
A link to what?
Where am I?
albylovesscience (author)  Molten Boron8 years ago
WHAT is everyone talking about!!!!!!!!!!! there is some type of mass confusion going on
Link to your binder - If it gets buried due to a lot of recent ibles being posted - i'll still be able to find it easily here.