new idea for a knex gun video game

i have an idea for a knex video game. basically, you have several missions at various locations and they get progressively harder. ideas for missions (easiest to hardest) -instructables HQ -golden gate bridge (the areas where mechanics go) -Beijing, china -monte carlo casino -Empire State Building -Sears tower weapons -the Dunkis TDS (default weapon at the start of level)-10 shots -Dsman's sidearm-10 shots -I_am_canadian's heavy cannon (non-movable turret)-3 shots -my Longbow SR-L crossbow-5 shots -SR-v1-5 shots -DD-27-5 shots -oodalump's machine gun-25 shots -Storm 223-15 shots -a grenade of some sort enemies have 3 hit points each except for elite commandos, who have 10. the bosses have a health meter and a shield that must be defeated first

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Awesome Idea!!! There could be an online co-op mode (i like co-op)
DJ Radio (author)  shadowninja319 years ago
yeah. we could have real time chat. and here is a good one. online co-op between different console platforms
Hmmm... Different console platforms, that would be quite hard...
My uncle works for Sony. He is very experienced at C++. I could ask him to help out...

Black ops style graphics?
That would be insanely awesome
DJ Radio (author)  shadowninja319 years ago
yep. and also the ability to shoot from unmanned vehicles while driving them. and also you have to build a few guns that are found in the levels
i like it
hard but cool. also you could download levels and weapons. maybe an editor for levels???
DJ Radio (author)  shadowninja319 years ago
yeah. or, after you get to a certain point, you can customize guns and all that
that would be cool... also vehicles of knex = cool
DJ Radio (author)  shadowninja319 years ago
awesome avatar. yeah, i agree
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