new idea for a semi auto knex gun

i dont have the pieces to fully develop this idea right now but what if the ammo was per prepared(like a splodie) and the ram or trigger hit the end of one and it released the energy in the splodie which then shot forward and the other end shot the side, i will try and look into how this will work but i what to see if you guys got any ideas

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hack124x76810 years ago
what about those things you throw at the ground and then they pop? I think they are called snap-dragons. That might work, and they are cheap.
i think you can make a gun outa thouse, my neibor used that with a mod of thouse plastic guns with the red stuff that looks like bubble tape, that make noise
So they would be like mini explosions in a small round. When struck they would explode then the pressure would push out the bullet, like a real round. Am I correct?
mmzdaniel Mepain10 years ago
yes it would be like a real gun but probably not as nearly as strong... but it would be a semi auto....
It would be cool if it worked. Then they would be real firearms though, and that would take some of the fun out of them.
bedbugg210 years ago
hey captian i made a semi auto!clicky
Mr Tenacious10 years ago
this sounds leethal, imagine if it went off in the wrong dirrection, il stick with Infinneons gun
captianchase (author)  Mr Tenacious10 years ago
also i have found that the splodies normal shot off the the direction the orange connecter the on
captianchase (author)  Mr Tenacious10 years ago
no, the plan is to use this a a semi auto, not a splodie launcher
captianchase (author)  Mr Tenacious10 years ago
dangerous, i doubt lethal, through i would put a piece to block the misfires, though what is infinnoens gun?
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