new knex contest im going to start soon im looking for judges and people who would like to enter

ok im think of a contest im not tell you what you must make but theres a real prize for this

first prize:i will sub and 5* any ibles of there choice and the prize
second prize:sub and 5* 15 ibles of your choice
third:sub and 10 5*on any ibles of there choice
runners up:sub and 5* any any ibles of there choice

1:you must follow them
2:no cheating
3:no playing favorites
4:if you dont get it in the deadline your out for that round
5:if you drop out tell me
6:have fun
7:the judges can enter but they cant vote for them selves unless it just to ausome
8:you may use older ibles but i would rather have new
9:it can be a video (it must be on google video) or a slide or even post how to make it


knex mad

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lioneatr8 years ago
ill enter
Erm... There's already at least two big contests going on at the moment, perhaps you should wait till they're done?
and now i still have to wait again for someone elses contest to end...
Oh well, they are good contests accomplishing the same goal, right?
That contest run by Rotten194 was put on hold.
I didn't even know about that one :-p
you signed up for it...
:-0 Link?
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