New K'nex Idea

So i was on KI chat and ooda and mepain and stuff were talking about making a gun called the fustercluck and with a drill on it and he was talking about rotatiing turrrets and then i had an idea to making 2 turrets on a swivel so when the first turret is empty the second one will tweist wround and start working. The gun is a tr by the way. here is a shitty pic:

i has bad grammar at half 11.

Picture of New K'nex Idea
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~Aeronous~7 years ago
Kind of a bit pointless, unless the both turrets where TR-18 turrets, if not you would just get 16 shots, which is less than a normal and more compact TR-18 turret.
Millawi Legend (author)  ~Aeronous~7 years ago
But if they were bot TR-36 turrets? TR-72!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which they are not, and on a single axle point (which it would have to be) The Sag would dip down 4 centimetres PROVIDING it does not snap the black rod. It wouldn't work.
Millawi Legend (author)  ~Aeronous~7 years ago
Well, it was only an idea anyway.
cj814997 years ago
what if u did this with 4 tr 8, tr 18, or tr 36 turrets you would virtually never run out of ammo, only problem would be reloading if u ran oPr
Millawi Legend (author)  cj814997 years ago
Yeah, that would work.
TheDunkis7 years ago
I'd rather just have dual turrets and two different pins. You still have twice the ammo and the ability to fire twice before recocking.
Millawi Legend (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
Yeah me to. This was only an idea.
Millawi Legend (author) 7 years ago
Click the i top left corner to see the pic bigger.