new knex pump action

Please try to make it off of my crude drawing. If you post an ible please give me credit or tell me if it has been done. If so post link. The way it works is when you pump it the pusher hits the top most ammo. That pushes it onto the ammo lifter. When you pump forward  that pulls the string which raises the ammo lifter. That then becomes part of the bottom of the barrel. Then you cock the gun and fire. Repeat.

P.S. The scriblls on the paper are not hyroglfics they are words.

Picture of new knex pump action
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TheDunkis7 years ago
Meh it's alright but there are far simpler (not that this is that complicated) ways to achieve a chamber action with a pump.
tytiger33 (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
Such as.
P.S. Do you think this would work?
It could work but I see it also having reliability issues.

Well one way is simply to have a pin connected to the pump that pushes the round out from the magazine toward the back of the gun. This isn't the most effective way but it's the simplest way. Another method I thought up was to have the magazine and the pump as one. When the mag is pulled back, it is pushed into a stationary pin that forces the round up the ramp inside the magazine. I'm thinking up more ways and thinking of building one myself actually.
To clarify with my first idea, I meant it'd be similar to your concept except it'd just use a ramp instead of a lift.
tytiger33 (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
I like that idea but then you dont have a long barel.
And if you make it make an ible or give me several pics so I can make it, plz.
Raikou-san7 years ago
Seems like a good idea, though I think a pump-bolt combo would work much better.
tytiger33 (author)  Raikou-san7 years ago
What do you mean?
A bolt-action (which isolates the ammo), but with a pump (which pulls the pin back. This way it doesn't use string.
tytiger33 (author)  Raikou-san7 years ago
But my way needs it so it works more like a real pump action.