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Please check out profile for Plasmana first, but below is one item

My old user name was Highvoltage2000, just to let you know. Also my nick name happens to be ''Plas'', you can call me that if you want.

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Plasmana7 years ago
Thanks for letting me join in, I just came across this page while surfing, lol
Hi plas I have not been on in a week or so or not much, but I am glad you are joining us. What do you do for fun or in my case "obsessions".
High voltage :P

Unfortunately I can't do high voltage projects at the moment as I have recently moved and got college to attend, it is still all boxed up in my room :(

cool, Do you make plasma projects? They look really awesome, I have thought about trying it but haven't.

Goodhart7 years ago
Welcome to the group Plasmana  :-)  

And now for  shocking news from London: 

Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart7 years ago

While my link is serious I am posting it here as thanks Goodheart, because I was able to use yours as a thanks to the guy sending me the link.
Hi Plas welcome, I hope you have some fun here, I do!
I PMed Plas with a link to this page, he must be off line.