new sniper pistol, has interesting firing pin

what you think, it is really accurate, and goes very far for one rubber band, notice the small firing pin, makes it easier to use plus more time to travel in barrel increasing accuracy

Picture of new sniper pistol, has interesting firing pin
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DJ Radio9 years ago
killerk copy. the end.
renember to post it in the group!
its not an ible, i cant post it in the block trigger pistols group unless its an ible
darn it >:(
captianchase (author) 10 years ago
i like the small version and it has a few differences from killerk's also it's very accurate and powerful which is what i was aiming at, but thank for actually comtenting on the gun
looks like a killer k copy, can you put a frame around it and stuff, ill look better.
captianchase (author) 10 years ago
thanks, it works
captianchase (author) 10 years ago
does anyone know how to add the yellow text boxes on a mac, it didnt work when i tried
go back and edit it after you've saved the page and it should work. i'm not 100% on that because i've got a dell. hang on and i'll go downstairs and see if i can do it on one of my instructables on my mac and i'll tell you how i did it.