new trigger system

I was messing about with my knex trying to think of some ideas and then I decided to make a mp7 but the handle is near to the middle of the gun so if you put a normal trigger in the gun it will have a bout an inch when you pull the pin back so I wanted a trigger be hind the mag and I came up with this if people want a video showing how it works just post comment and ill have one put up

Picture of new trigger system
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DJ Radio8 years ago
Dwinkles should have tried that on his TDS.
knex mad (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
is it a new trigger system or has someone else used it before
I guess its new.
its kinda like zaks
It's not the prettiest design. I've already made a trigger that is so versatile that it doesn't matter where you put the blocking part as it'll always be able to use the same trigger. Not only would it easily allow for a trigger behind the handle but it would make it easy to have as little barrel as possible in front of the handle and get max power by putting the whole firing mechanism in part of the stock.
Well here's just the concept in use. I guess I hardly attempted (as in with very little meaningful effot) making a short turret weapon. It worked ok but I broke a piece after only firing a few shots and was too lazy to fix it. Then I went for making an Stg44 and never finished it but that's another story.
Oh that one.
You mean the one like on my zakgun and you're modded one?
adio8 years ago
i had a idea like this but it didn't work good job!
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