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Welcome back!

New contest! The days are longer and the weather is warmer so we're celebrating with Bike Month! Share your bike mods, upkeep tips, riding advice, and any other bike-themed Instructable to inspire others and win some cool prizes!

The Cake Contest is over and the winners have been announced. See who won here!

Check out these cool Instructables!

tank cake Moving Tank Birthday Cake
Not only is it really a tasty cake, but the turret rotates and the barrel moves up and down. Get ready for cake warfare!
posted by dave spencer on Apr 25, 2008
flash mob How to Start A Flash Mob
Do you and a few hundred friends have some time on your hands? Then follow these simple guidelines for creating a Flash Mob and have some fun!
posted by w1n5t0n on Apr 28, 2008
lcd screen Add a third LCD to your portable screen DVD player
Need more LCD screens to entertain the family on road trips? Then hook up new AV outs to your DVD player and you're good to go.
posted by okieinAZ on Apr 28, 2008
biodiesel Make Your Own Biodiesel Processor
Get a source of waste vegetable oil and put together this biodiesel processor and you'll be able to skip the regular pump.
posted by drinkmorecoffee on Apr 26, 2008
moleskineHow to make a Moleskine Notebook
Want a Moleskine, but don't feel like paying the high price? Follow these simple instructions and you'll be turning out custom sketch pads in no time.
posted by laminterious on Apr 24, 2008
tesla Tesla turbine from old hard drives and minimal tools
Those old hard drives can't handle your music collection any more, but they're perfect for creating a Tesla turbine with the help of some simple tools!
posted by gerrit_hoekstra on Apr 25, 2008

comfy chair recumbent The Comfy Chair Recumbent
Add a recumbent bike to your comfy chair and you'll be riding in style. Bike riding has never been so plush!
posted by oxania on Apr 29, 2008
batmobile Animated GPS Batmobile Icon
Holy satellite triangulation, Batman! A little scanning of the Batmobile and now it's on the virtual map!
posted by aarrgghh on Apr 30, 2008
dynamite cake DY-NO-MITE!!! birthday cake
There's only one way to defuse this bomb -- it must be eaten. Start with the licorice "wires" and move on to the cake dynamite sticks.
posted by mmmicha on Apr 28, 2008
film caniser led

Film Canister LED Flashlight
Get comfy with basic wiring and LEDs with this great beginner project, and build a sweet $4 flashlight.
posted by comodore on Apr 21, 2008

best shoe knot World's Best Shoe Knot
Get loopy with it and tie the world's best shoe knot. Disagree? Then leave a comment and share your favorite knot.
posted by shoemaker on Apr 28, 2008
Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

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