[newsletter] Light Bulb Lamp, Predicting the Weather, Chocolate Speed of Light...

Instructables - The World's Biggest Show & Tell June 19, 2008 Instructables Robot
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Welcome back!

Want to put some insanely cool, lights on your bike? Then enter our Let It Glow! Contest. The prizes are super sweet and blinky, so enter before the contest closes this weekend!

RoboGames 2008 is over for this year, but you can still enter our Robot Contest to win a trip to RoboGames 2009! Air fare, hotel, and entry fee are included!

Winners have been announced for the Discover Green Science Fair for a Better Planet Contest. See who won, and bookmark some Earth-friendly summer projects!

Check out these cool Instructables!
diy vinyl wall art DIY Vinyl Wall Art
Liven up your apartment, without risking your deposit, by putting up some slick-looking ConTact paper designs to decorate your walls.
posted by britsteiner on Jun 17, 2008
speed of light How To Measure the Speed of Light... Using Chocolate!
Enjoy some gooey warm chocolate and learn some science at the same time!
posted by bradpowers on Jun 13, 2008
small robots Building Small Robots: Making One Cubic Inch Micro-Sumo Robots and Smaller
With only cubic inch, you'll learn to be efficient in your robotic design.
posted by mikey77 on Jun 12, 2008
make a piano How to make a piano keyboard
Build piano keys from raw materials and make a piano you can truly call your own.
posted by threesixesinarow on Jun 19, 2008
steampunk fan Steampunk Style Fan
Cool off in neo-Victorian style with a custom built fan.
posted by reluctant_paladin on Jun 13, 2008

steel centipede Steel Centipede
Turn that scrap metal and chain into a unique sculpture with nothing more than a welder and a bit of creativity.
posted by Mikey D on Jun 15, 2008
led matrix LED matrix using shift registers
Play with patterns of light and display messages on a custom LED matrix.
posted by barney_1 on Jun 15, 2008
cloud predicting Predicting the Weather with Clouds
Learn to understand what the sky is trying to tell you.
posted by randofo on Jun 12, 2008
papercraft robot Instructables Robot -- Paper Model
Print and cut out this template to make a papercraft robot of your very own!
posted by =SMART= on Jun 13, 2008
central vacuum Central Vacuum Retrofit
Install a central vacuum system in an existing house to have quieter vacuuming and an external exhaust.
posted by a.doovz on Jun 13, 2008
rock band Rock Band Guitar Stand/Drum Support
Tidy up your virtual rock star gear and keep your drums steady with this PVC setup.
posted by evilbunnee on Jun 12, 2008

animating engravings Animating Multi Layered Engravings
Take glowing etched acrylic to the next level with animated frames.
posted by japala on Jun 18, 2008
electronic leather band 10-minute electronic leather band
Enhance a leather bracelet with a flashing light that can record and play back patterns.
posted by craft-tech on Jun 14, 2008
saw horses The Lucid Dream Machine
Control of your dreams with the power of flashing lights.
posted by guyfrom7up on Jun 18, 2008
sketchup SketchUp, Inkscape, and Ponoko Laser Cutting
Install this plugin and you'll have a free way to design in 3D and export your files to be laser cut!
posted by flightsofideas on Jun 19, 2008
light bulb lamp Light Bulb Lamp
Put your dead bulbs to use by turning them into stylish oil lamps. Just be sure to put them in a safe place.
posted by CYNICALifornia on Jun 14, 2008
Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

eric - Eric
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Aww no minty coffee, I am still damn proud of that, I just love it... Don't ask why, I just am, it's one of my favourite creations, ever...
I thought it was delicious.
It really is tasty...
Yup. It makes coffee drinkable! ;-p
now coffee is always good...

*mutters insanely while making coffee and considers half empty coffee jar as a potential mate

you didn't hear that
bumpus9 years ago
awh, my lightbulb wasnt in there :(
What about my weird minty spoons...
hmmm, i didnt see that either