[newsletter] Light Sabers, Plasma Globe Tricks, Wall-E Robot...

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Instructables - The World's Biggest Show & Tell June 12, 2008 Instructables Robot
Welcome back!

RoboGames starts tomorrow. If you can't make it this year, then you better enter our Robot Contest in the next couple weeks. The grand prize is a trip to RoboGames 2009!

Winners have been announced for the Park Tool Bike Month. See who won!

Check out these cool Instructables!
lightsaber Cheap Custom Lightsaber
Build your own Battle-Ready Lightsaber! Use a good light source, and build it for cheap!
posted by Ricardoaraujo on Jun 3, 2008
cruise adventure Turn a Cruise Full of Old People into a Death Defying Adventure
In the immortal words of former Gov. Jesse Ventura, sometimes you gotta defy death in order to enjoy life.
posted by iwasthinkingaboutsoup on Jun 9, 2008
animte with light Animate with light
Learn how to make your own snazzy light-animations on the cheap for a music video or any other project!
posted by buenoben on Jun 10, 2008
wall-e Wall-E Robot
The movie comes out in a couple weeks, but you can start building your own Wall-E right now!
posted by 4mem8 on Jun 6, 2008
electroforming Electroforming an Iris Seed Pod
Commonly referred to as "dipping" in metal, this technique can make organic items permanent for jewelry.
posted by MaggieJs on Jun 9, 2008

box fan How to rejuvenate a box fan
Many box fans are tossed just because they're too dirty. Here's how to clean one up for a few more years of use.
posted by jgodsey on Jun 8, 2008
ping pong lights Ping Pong Ball Lights
Sometimes you really need the diffuse glow of dozens of ping pong balls with Christmas lights in them.
posted by advancedMischief on Jun 8, 2008
saw horses The ultimate, heavy duty, stackable, bullet proof, extreme saw horses!
OK, maybe not quite bullet proof, but everything else is accurate.
posted by Mikey D on Jun 1, 2008
plastic tote bag Make your own tote bag from recycled plastic bags
With a little time and creativity you can make some pretty cool stuff from all those plastic bags like this big tote bag.
posted by user669 on Apr 8, 2008
ambient lighting Light Bar Ambient Lighting
Add a bit of a colorful glow anywhere you want with a little bit of work and some inexpensive parts.
posted by QuackMasterDan on Jun 9, 2008
cable car Cable car
Know someone who has trouble with stairs? A powered lift can help them move around more easily.
posted by Mockfish on Jun 8, 2008

high voltage Make a High Voltage Supply in 5 Minutes
Learn how to get up to 1,000 volts in just a few minutes. Be careful with this one!
posted by Biotele on Jun 8, 2008
woodblock Creating, cutting and printing your own woodblock
Learn the basic process for buying tools, cutting a woodblock, inking and then printing with it.
posted by rbanks on Jun 6, 2008
plasma globe Amazing plasma globe tricks!
Just touching a plasma globe can get boring, so check out these new tricks.
posted by highvoltage2000 on Jun 7, 2008
plastic bag rug Plastic Bag Rug!
This rug is pretty easy to make, looks really cool, and costs almost nothing!
posted by denona on Jun 11, 2008
leather bracelets Leather Bracelets from Recycled Belts
Make up to three custom leather bracelets from an old leather belt!
posted by fungus amungus on Jun 6, 2008
Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

eric - Eric

Picture of [newsletter] Light Sabers, Plasma Globe Tricks, Wall-E Robot...
Keith-Kid8 years ago
Wow! A Ton of cool projects this week!
I hadn't seen the Wall-E robot....
Brennn108 years ago
This was a fantastic week! Every project was super awesome!