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Welcome back!

We've moved! With the summer coming up and us needing a place to put all the interns we've moved across the bay from Alameda to San Francisco! Read all about it and see some moving pics here!

The Photojojo Photo Month is over and the winners have been announced. See who won!

Check out these cool Instructables!

watermelon How to remove most of the seeds from a watermelon
Use this clever cutting technique to maximize the tasty watermelon eating with a minimum of seed spitting.
posted by cokecola on May 2, 2008
GPS bluetooth Add a Bluetooth adapter to your GPS device
Want to use a Bluetooth headset to hear instructions while on a bike or motorcycle, without the hefty price? Then this $30 hack is for you.
posted by Sudija on May 1, 2008
planter How to Make an Easy Inverted Planter
Enjoy growing plants even if you don't have the room for flower beds or even small planters.
posted by laminterious on May 6, 2008
USB mug heater USB Heater (or How to Upgrade Your Coffee Cup)
Keep your cup o' joe warm with this quick and easy USB heater.
posted by gb78 on May 5, 2008
penny fakethingSafety Penny Fakething
All the danger of a Penny Farthing, with none of the authenticity.
posted by Wobbly John on May 2, 2008

multitouch How to Make a Cheap Multitouch Pad
Get a webcam and some scrap materials and you'll have a multitouch interface going in no time!
posted by cerupcat on Apr 29, 2008
solar ligh graffiti Solar Powered Light-Graffiti Projector
Shine your message on the wall every day with a hacked solar garden light and a bright LED.
posted by RDN1 on May 1, 2008
spice mister Spice Mister
Supercharge any meal with a quick blast of capsaicin extract. Just be careful not to get any on yourself in the process, OK?
posted by w1n5t0n on May 5, 2008
bike tricks

Basic Bike tricks and Skills
Slides, wheelies, endos, bunnyhops, and more goofy names in this introduction to bike tricks.
posted by killerjackalope on Apr 21, 2008

VHS hub Glowing video tape USB hub
Give an old VHS tape a new use by installing a USB hub and LEDs for a pleasantly glowing retro look.
posted by HarryM on Apr 29, 2008
Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

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Rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant. They're kinda like apples, structurally. They can be nice in tea. TMYK
Thankyou for that, by the way you can reply directly to comments witht he little link in the bottom right of the comment...
Their hips refer to them... As in their hips have roses on them or smell rosey...
do roses even have hips???
In all probability yes, I'd say it's the bend at the bottom of the petals, closest place in terms of people hips... However maybe their hips small rosey or have roses on them...
Yay my first newsletter feature...
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