can you make a crossbow out of newspapers?

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toulvus10 years ago
have you been watching mythbusters latley?
Mepain toulvus10 years ago
Lol yup : )
Easy Button10 years ago
i think you can pull it off
jtobako10 years ago
make tubes, not as a barrel ('tho that works too) but as structural components. you could just make a tube and have a rubber band powered piston riding in it. i had plans for an old toy made that way. strictly speaking, what you are considering is a harpoon gun, not a crossbow. a harpoon gun is powered by rubber bands, a crossbow is powered by the spring action of the 'cross' or bow.
With a wooden dowel base, and the rest as paper-mache you could. I'm not sure about just newspaper.
mepaine (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
im going to attempt to make one completely out of newspapers and rubber bands or some kind of elastic as soon as i get enough newspapers, glue, and other materials.
yes as before if you laminated alot of sheets probably near 100 you should be able to make the 'bow part' and then maybe near on 200 for the handle that should work let us know how you get on
sam10 years ago
I bet you could. If you laminated newspapers with the right kind of glue, I'm sure you could make a lot of stuff. After all, paper is made from woodpulp, and MDF is made from sawdust and glue...