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verbly im not talking to you... im typing there is a differnce. and why do you see the need to anger me? i have done nothing to be catching lip for an outsider...

So the Ninja master won't kill you for posting Ninja secrets on the internet for the whole world to read, but if you spoke to someone you'd be dead?

i dont have to explian myself to you. i am a Jonin and i have no obligation to fuel you silly rant.... bottom line is i know what is real and what isnt, i just didnt feel like having people getting told fairy tales thats all. if you dont like that then the best course of action for you to take is to stop talking nonsence to me and coomet about your own things. thats all im going to say, im not being mean i just dont have time for this silly squabiling
A lot of this Ninja stuff is really boring (the fairy tales you mention), the bits you added about armour were actually quite interesting. But the secrecy and death bits I've heard a lot of times before, and people don't explain how they can be talking about what is real while they're supposed to be ultra-secret upon pain of death...

im not sure why you are so ill-tempered but if you were not personally interested in ninja lore then why did you post in this room in the first place? do you fell as though your purpose in life is to anger others from afar becuase you know that they will never know who you really are and therfore take action? i see a coward in you, these actions you make towards enveloping everyone in misery from out of their reach is foolish and coward-like.
I'm not ill-tempered, you can read the wrong things into plain text. I'm slightly annoyed when people repeatedly avoid answering simple questions by getting huffy around them being asked.
If you said how you can be bound by the code and be talking about this stuff, I'd have the answer I was originally after.

the reason why i can talk about this openly is becuase, weather you believe in Ninja or not, i am an Escaped Ninja which means that if i were found i would be killed, but for that they would need my name and address which i have not given... is that a suitable answer for you? i defected from being a ninja because i wanted a normal life, ok..
what country r u from if u don't mind my asking?
That's a good explanation, I'm sure you're quite aware that plenty of kids say things like this (fairy tales again) - you feel secure posting here 'cos no one can get your details out of the site? (I reckon they're pretty good with data security here?)

two words:     Public domain
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