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verbly im not talking to you... im typing there is a differnce. and why do you see the need to anger me? i have done nothing to be catching lip for an outsider...

So the Ninja master won't kill you for posting Ninja secrets on the internet for the whole world to read, but if you spoke to someone you'd be dead?

i dont have to explian myself to you. i am a Jonin and i have no obligation to fuel you silly rant.... bottom line is i know what is real and what isnt, i just didnt feel like having people getting told fairy tales thats all. if you dont like that then the best course of action for you to take is to stop talking nonsence to me and coomet about your own things. thats all im going to say, im not being mean i just dont have time for this silly squabiling
A lot of this Ninja stuff is really boring (the fairy tales you mention), the bits you added about armour were actually quite interesting. But the secrecy and death bits I've heard a lot of times before, and people don't explain how they can be talking about what is real while they're supposed to be ultra-secret upon pain of death...

im not sure why you are so ill-tempered but if you were not personally interested in ninja lore then why did you post in this room in the first place? do you fell as though your purpose in life is to anger others from afar becuase you know that they will never know who you really are and therfore take action? i see a coward in you, these actions you make towards enveloping everyone in misery from out of their reach is foolish and coward-like.
I'm not ill-tempered, you can read the wrong things into plain text. I'm slightly annoyed when people repeatedly avoid answering simple questions by getting huffy around them being asked.
If you said how you can be bound by the code and be talking about this stuff, I'd have the answer I was originally after.

the reason why i can talk about this openly is becuase, weather you believe in Ninja or not, i am an Escaped Ninja which means that if i were found i would be killed, but for that they would need my name and address which i have not given... is that a suitable answer for you? i defected from being a ninja because i wanted a normal life, ok..
what country r u from if u don't mind my asking?
That's a good explanation, I'm sure you're quite aware that plenty of kids say things like this (fairy tales again) - you feel secure posting here 'cos no one can get your details out of the site? (I reckon they're pretty good with data security here?)

two words:     Public domain
spenny19725 years ago
k i stumbledupon this but am unsure of the topic so i'll just talk about what im after...............i make moccasins and wanted to make some leather tabi. making moccasins is easy,but tabi seem to be made of a sole.and several other pieces based on measurements of the top of the foot.
can anyone give me some pointers as to how to make a pattern for tabi-mocs?
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 im back! after over a year of being non active XD
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I haven't anything to say except this ;-)

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ummmmm??????? wow
well you people are all wrong and i will tell you why (vaugely) i happe to know for a fact that as far as new age ninjas go, there IS armour, it consists of hardened cow and rhino hides sewn together with strong scale mail applied in the middle. this is a body suit and ninjas are sworn to a vow of eternal secrecy and are forbidden form talking to anyone, enve their own team members. They do wear camo but it is a material that refracts light naturally and helps to simulate the enviroment around them, it is refered to as a chameleon cloak.
Go on then, amuse me:
"i happe to know for a fact" and "ninjas are sworn to a vow of eternal secrecy and are forbidden form talking to anyone, enve their own team members" -

How do you happen to know this fact then?

first of all you are not "L"  second of all, why would i tell you that. i am uder the same code... like someone comeented earlier, ninja are still around and active in missions, thats all i am going to say
You are of the same code "sworn to a vow of eternal secrecy and are forbidden form talking to anyone"? except us it seems...

and new ninjas are not "hired thugs" they are under the absolute command of a ninja master... if you disrespect him / her they have the right to kill you on the spot and they tell everyonr this in the begining
some times ninjas wore samuri armor but it was expencive. Usualy ninjas wear pesant cloths to blend in or dark blue robes. No armor was the best because ninjas needed to be fast and armor would just drag them down. You don't need armor of no one can find you and attack you.
Ninja might wear parts of samurai armor but never all of it! Plus samurai were usually somewhat bigger than average people.
Ninjas often wore chainmail armour underneath clothing or concealed in the clothing itself. see: http://www.japanese-ninja-armor.com/. leather armour was also common as it made little noise and was lighter than metal armour.
I'm working on some armor now that I made out of plastic paint cans. It's pretty SWEET! When I'm done with it I'll put the inst on here!
plasmaspy (author)  Bisquick the ninja8 years ago
In reality ninjas were somewhere in between rogues, assassins and hired thugs. Most of them would have worn armor of one kind or another based on their personal preferences. A moment of silence for duck-lemon and all the dead ninjas. ps. if you disagree with plasmaspy we will send our ninja brethren for you some lonely night. You might have to wait a few months because we have a long waiting list. XD
plasmaspy (author)  Bisquick the ninja8 years ago
lol and we will have a head hunter list with tick off boxes! XD
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Does armour really exist for true ninjas? If they were masters of the invisible, they should be able to evade being detected and not weighed down with armour. If they were masters of martial arts, would armour be necessary except for practice?
Exactly. Clunky armor would inhibit a ninja from doing his job. Not to mention the noise generated by it. Ninjas are masters of stealth, not tanks.
plasmaspy (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
their armour would be made from light raw hide leather that is not heavy at all but will protect from some knife slashes just in case they get caught.
like archers had?
VERY few ninjas ever wore any amour.
Would be made?!?! Aren't you forgetting ninjas haven't been operational for the last couple of centuries?
plasmaspy (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
they still would have had access to leather and have been able to cure it and other stuff.
They wore black silk PJ's for crying out loud...
The page on wikipedia about ninjas has this to say about their clothing:
"Historical garb, technique, and image

There is no evidence that historical ninja limited themselves to all-black suits. In modern times, camouflage based upon dark colors such as dark red and dark blue can be used to give better concealment at night. Some cloaks may have been reversible: dark colored on the outside for concealment during the night, and white colored on the inside for concealment in the snow. Some ninja may have worn the same armor or clothing as samurai or Japanese peasants.

The stereotypical ninja that continually wears easily identifiable black outfits (shinobi shozoku) comes from the Kabuki theater.[1] Prop handlers would dress in black and move props around on the stage. The audience would obviously see the prop handlers, but would pretend they were invisible. Building on that willing suspension of disbelief, ninja characters also came to be portrayed in the theater as wearing similar all-black suits. This either implied to the audience that the ninja were also invisible, or simply made the audience unable to tell a ninja character from many prop handlers until the ninja character distinguished himself from the other stagehands with a scripted attack or assassination.

Ninja boots (jika-tabi), like much of the rest of Japanese footwear from the time, have a split-toe design that improves gripping and wall/rope climbing. They are soft enough to be virtually silent. Ninja also attached special spikes to the bottoms of the boots called ashiko.

The actual head covering suggested by Sōke Masaaki Hatsumi (in his book The Way of the Ninja: Secret Techniques) utilizes what is referred to as sanjaku-tenugui, (three-foot cloths). It involves the tying of two three-foot cloths around the head in such a way as to make the mask flexible in configuration but securely bound. Some wear a long robe, most of the time dark blue (紺色 kon'iro) for stealth."

I thought it was pretty interesting.
plasmaspy (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
proberly tight leather underneth the black silk robes/armour.
Where exactly are you getting this information from?
I doubt it. Real ninjas were just country men who resisted against the Empire and it's Samurai's. Not quite as cool as they're made out to be these days.
... I'm afraid I must differ.. They were highly trained medieval Japanese equivalent of James Bond. assassins, spies, and secret police, they were a useful addition to any Shogun's army.
While they were trained well, they were not members of the military. The most common belief is that they were members of an underground organization. They fought against the samurai, though, which is why they had a need to conceal themselves. Samurai at the time were the top militants.

From wikipedia:
"In their history, ninja groups were small and structured around families and villages"
*slaps head in dismissive way* Incorrectly worded my comment was, some ninjas were in the employ of the shoguns and samurai, but as you have pointed out a number were rogue.
Yeah, some of them whored themselves out to do the dirty jobs that were against the samurai's code.
... You don't like the samurai do you?
I never said that. But the samurai had a code of certain things they wouldn't do that were dishonorable. So instead, they hired ninjas to do it for them. Things like sabotage and assassination.
Umm... no
Except that leather was VERY expensive because most Japanese are/were practical vegetarians. I've heard that it took up to three years to get enough rawhide for a suit of samurai armor (but that was extra thick water buffalo hide). 'Able to' and 'would have' are very different : )
bloody hell, a few of you need remindin that ninjas , super heroes an all stuff like that dont exixst, so just remember,
Ninjas still exist. Perhaps not like ancient times when they were spies and stuff, but Theere are still many who practice those arts
plasmaspy (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse8 years ago
ninjas did exist in ancient japan. they could secretly still be around =)
get a life
plasmaspy (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse8 years ago
got one! lol
dothacker8 years ago
Ninja did not often wear the typical black costume seen in kabuki theater as you would see in a movie. They did wear armor. Sometimes they would wear the armor of a samurai (also known as 'yoroi') even when they were not disguised as samurai. Sometimes they were hired by shogun to fight a battle and they would wear a full suit of yoroi. Other times while carrying out an objective they would wear a light suit of mail. Don't confuse the fact that because it is metal it will clank, the size of the rings and the material will result in almost no clinking but a low thud sound.
you mean samurai armor?????
Pumpkin$8 years ago
ya I can see something......... looks like a panzer.....ope no just a ninja