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discuss about the many different ninja weapons and gear!

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The Jamalam9 years ago
how about stealth and speed?
plasmaspy (author)  The Jamalam9 years ago
what about stealth and speed?
Ninja Weapons of course!
plasmaspy (author)  The Jamalam9 years ago
daggers are best but there are specail ninja swords that are usualy made from black steel to hide em better in dark shadows, they are like katanas but they are like almost half the length for easy drawing.
Nonjas use Ninjatos, not Katanas
Also, you did forget to mention that Ninja-to are straight and don't have the characteristcal curve of a Katana. Another fact that is forgotten is that the sheath is longer than the actual blade itself to give the illusion of a longer blade, and, when put into the sheath, can be used as a climbing tool. Regards, Jehosephat
Nope. Real Ninjato is basically a wakizashi blade fitted in a katana koshirae. It does not have a square tsuba and all that crud, it is curved, and no, it's not used as a climbing tool. A real Ninjato is like the one used by Soke Hatsumi of Bujinkan, it is curved and is basically a wakizashi blade mounted in katana fittings. You're right about the saya being longer to give that 'long blade' illusion, but you were wrong about everything else.
Excuse me, but you are incorrect on that fact. While Sote Hatsumi did use a sword as you have mentioned, traditionally it did have a square tsuba, was straight, and the saya was used as a climbing tool. If not, then why are there so many numerous volumes of books that have been thoughroughly researched and all have supported the Ninja-to as I have described? Even Steve K. Hayes, the Grandmaster of American Ninjutsu, whom was taught by Grandmaster Hatsumi of the Tokagure-ryu, one of the oldest surviving Ninjutsu-ryu in the world, and even he supports the claim of my above described Ninja-to. If you really want to make a claim that your version is the correct one, please get a degree in Asian Culture & History like myself, and present factual evidence. I hope this is informative to you, Jehosephat
Hay umm the saya is the holder thing for the katanas thing I can't remember what part it is egsactly so you would know from explaining
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