nintendo ds lite help please

well, recently my DS's hinge cracked (just a tiny bit) now 5 times out of 7 the screens won't turn on

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Matt214978 years ago
Hmm It sounds like the wires get stuck in the crack so like everyone else says you should get a new shall I dont know why you would need new screens though
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
ok i can help you, i can give you a list of things you need to buy, for only like $30 you can fix your Ds!!

lower screen;

upper screen



special screwdriver

oh, and the shipping is free...
help yourself!
Doctor What8 years ago
The ribbons that are inside the DS are very, very fragile. When you cracked it, you probably hurt those ribbons. Honestly, in order to fix it, and ensure that it won't happen again, you would have to order: A new shell to replace the cracked one. A triwing screwdriver, because Nintendo sucks. A top screen and a bottom screen. I could be wrong though. There is a possibility that it might not work, even after that. soooooo..... Your best course of action would be to sell your old one to a hobo and buy a used phat at gamecrazy for 80 bucks.
Which is what you would pay for the repairs.