no possibility to scroll down in the last two newsletters.

I have a problem with your last two newsletters.
I can't scroll through the newsletter.
The older newsletters do not have this problem.
If I save the newsletter e-mail as an html page, I can scroll through it with the cursor keys, not with the mouse because there is no scrollbar...

Maybe a CSS error?

Picture of no possibility to scroll down in the last two newsletters.
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Kiteman5 years ago
If you're having this problem with the email after you open it, then the problem is much more likely to be with your email provider or your browser, rather than the actual newsletter.
MerlinTheGreat (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Then why is it only happening with the last two newsletters.
If I open the previous newsletters everything works fine.
And I'm still using the same e-mailprogram and browser as before.
Never had any problem until the last two newsletters.
If the problem were to reside in my e-mail client or browser, then the older newsletters would show the same faulty behaviour I would say.
So that's why I posted my problem here.
Not a clue, but there's no way the site can affect the way your emails work.

MerlinTheGreat (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I didn't blame it on the site. I suggested there was an error in the css code in the newsletter.
Not only sites make use of css, you can use it in e-mails as well to layout the message.

I checked the html code and there is a css definition to hide overflow in both directions. Horizontal and vertical. Plus in the body tag there is another overflow-y: hidden code.
So that's where the problem is. If I remove these overflow-x and overflow-y commands, the newsletter shows up fine with scrollbars.

Conclusion: someone made an error in the css for the layout of the newsletter.
In that case, I defer to your superior knowledge.
MerlinTheGreat (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
HaHaha! Thanks, but I'm sure that somewhere you have some superior knowledge over me too. I just do some binary magic (plain text: I'm a computer guy) and I happen to be a bit handy.

Seeing you already made 142 instructables, I take off my hat and bow to your knowledge.