no possibility to scroll down in the last two newsletters.

I have a problem with your last two newsletters.
I can't scroll through the newsletter.
The older newsletters do not have this problem.
If I save the newsletter e-mail as an html page, I can scroll through it with the cursor keys, not with the mouse because there is no scrollbar...

Maybe a CSS error?

Picture of no possibility to scroll down in the last two newsletters.
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MerlinTheGreat (author) 5 years ago
I know of these 'solutions'. But wouldn't it be nice of the sender to make sure everybody can read the newsletter the way it's supposed to be?

I work as an IT-develloper, and I am (amongst other things) responsable of the newsletters-software in the company.

It realy is just a minor adjustment they have to do. I even mentioned it in my posting.

I don't wish to switch over to another email reading service or program, and I don't wish to be sending/forwarding emails to myself to be able to read them.
It would take me double the time to get through my emails.

I, and I suppose you too, have better things to do with my time... :)
I have just reviewed the last two newsletters. None of the HTML has significantly changed, nor can I find any broken tags.

Are you still able to open newsletters from a few weeks ago without error?

Are you opening the emails within a web browser? If so, perhaps try a different web browser and see if this persists.
MerlinTheGreat (author)  randofo5 years ago
Hi and thank you for your response. But the problem already exists for some four months now.
I check my mail in my e-mailclient that I've been using for lots of years already. And which gets updated on a regular basis.

In one of my postings I gave the solution for the problem.
It's in the css. There are some statements that shouldn't be there.

In my post of march 5th I wrote:
I checked the html code and there is a css definition to hide overflow in both directions. Horizontal and vertical.
Plus in the body tag there is another overflow-y: hidden code. So that's where the problem is.
If I remove these overflow-x and overflow-y commands, the newsletter shows up fine with scrollbars.

So it realy should be easy to fix the problem. Remove those hide instructions from the newsletter and everything should work fine again.
There is a very limited amount of CSS in the newsletter I send out in order to help prevent it from being filtered as spam. There are no overflow commands. I double-checked to make sure of this. Your email client must be adding them.
MerlinTheGreat (author)  randofo5 years ago
That's weird... because if I checked the e-mails from before the scrolling problem arose, they worked fine.
I don't have them anymore now. I recently cleaned up my e-mails. So I can't show by taking screenshots, but they realy did work just fine.
At some point the e-mails didn't alow me to scroll up and down or sideways anymore. They still don't let me... :(

I now save the e-mail to an html file which I then open in my browser. There are no scroll bars either, but I can scroll with the arrow keys.
But this is not handy. I would like to be able to view the newsletter in my e-mail client as it's supposed to be.

Thanks for taking the time to look into this problem.
The css overflow styles are part of the mail client code, so you may not be looking at the correct source. I just looked at the code for the latest newsletter and there are no styles disabling vertical (or horizontal) scrolling, as randofo said. (Otherwise, there would be broader issues with more members).

I'm guessing that you're an Incredimail client? You might want to do some research as I've read about a wide range of issues; some depending on your OS, choice of browser and in some cases messages from Incredimail are not displaying scrollbars to the recipients using other mail programs.
MerlinTheGreat (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Thank you for your information.
I just find it strange that I only have these issues with the instructables newsletter.

I'll look further into it and try some other e-mail clients to see how they behave.
Kiteman5 years ago
If you're having this problem with the email after you open it, then the problem is much more likely to be with your email provider or your browser, rather than the actual newsletter.
MerlinTheGreat (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Then why is it only happening with the last two newsletters.
If I open the previous newsletters everything works fine.
And I'm still using the same e-mailprogram and browser as before.
Never had any problem until the last two newsletters.
If the problem were to reside in my e-mail client or browser, then the older newsletters would show the same faulty behaviour I would say.
So that's why I posted my problem here.
Not a clue, but there's no way the site can affect the way your emails work.

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