nos or nitrous express for my neon?

well i plan on getting some cinde of nitrus for my car but enyone i speck to say to use a biffrent brands that thay tink is a better sistom. wich brands sould i use?

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kevincai967 years ago
Sigh... NOS is only a brand. A damn brand. Which means whether or not you use that particular brand, it doesn't matter! But of course, thanks to the f&f (fast and furious) movies, people now think that NOS is equal to nitrous. It is NOT. It is only a brand of nitrous oxide.
yo man (author) 8 years ago
did yo hear a bout "We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site"
cheezies8 years ago
NOS........NOS man! How many times do i have 2 tell u this! nitrus express sucks balls!
tj1796 cheezies8 years ago
no it does not it all is the same just different name brand on the bottle
cheezies tj17968 years ago
yeah...but nos's packaging is soooooooooo cooler. :)