nuclear power in developing countries

im thinking of doing a project in a honors degree in college (level 8) on"is nuclear power in developing countries feasible"

i was wondering what are your opinions on this and is it worth doing?

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rich5007 (author) 7 years ago
Thanks for all the advice, i now have a much better idea of what areas i need to cover, at the moment i am current breaking down the chapters
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: history of nuclear power
Chapter 3:comparrison to other powers
Chapter 4:location of the plant and overview
Chapter 5:social and political consequences
Chapter 6:international consequences
Chapter 7:conclusion

if anyone feels i have left out anything or you feel i should include something let me know thanks.
In Chapter 3, are you planning to compare with other power generation options, or to discuss the different kinds of nuclear power plants?
rich5007 (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
in chapter 3 I am going to compare nuclear to energy alternatives like solar, wind etc. (comparison of power produced , cost, land area needed, life expectancy, efficiency etc.)

in chapter 2 i was going to include the different types of nuclear power plants
nuclear power in developing countries is predominately political, up chapter6 a bit,

Hmmmm....I think that's a matter of opinion (I believe the political and technical difficulties are about equal, for example). Which is why I think this fellow could produce a very interesting analysis, if he plays his cards right does his research :-)

Could you give an example of a developing country with a nuclear power program that had a minor political aspect?

I didn't say "minor." You suggest that the political issues are more important (predominate) than anything else. I believe the technical problems (construction, fuel transport, qualified/trained local staff) are about equal in importance to the politics.

However, if I wanted to be really snarky, I guess I'd say "France" :-)

The French have nuclear-weapons, Vietnam not there yet?

:-P Told you I was being snarky. I figured an Anglophone would appreciate it :-)

I did appreciate it thanks.

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