off-grid, affordable, and open-source shipping container house


I've launched a kickstarter to build an affordable, off-grid, and open-source shipping container house: . Any feedback would be appreciated; thanks!

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Kryptonite6 years ago
Looks like an awesome project! I'd love to see this thing up and running and apolagise for being a minor without funds!
Bump for awesomeness though :D
*chuckle* tis ok, I am an old timer without funds :-)
Gotta aim for those crazy 'middle-aged' people, they've got the money!
HUMPH! *old person grumble here*

^Perfect impersonation of my Uncle^
Who are you kidding? Got the mortgage and the kid wants to go to college one day. You think I can pull an xbox out of my.....

Same Fn differance.
...and this is how Instructables threads degrade to Fn stool chairs!
Better a chair then a pigeon....