ok, does anyone build knex cars on this site anymore?

does anybody build any knex cars on this site anymore becides me??  i wanna know because i hardly see them anymore, all i see is knex guns. but whoever still into building knex cars, lets keep in touch on here. i wanna bring knex vehicles back into the mix lol 

Picture of ok, does anyone build knex cars on this site anymore?
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that's sick

sonic broom2 years ago

Those cars look cool! and i build cars to i just have one posted right now but i'm working on some news ones that i will get posted some time

Lucas Rider does
i know, he has a few new ones up now. but at one point in time, i havent seen any cars lol. im building one now and i think everyone will love it
ok cool cant wait to see it
JonnyBGood5 years ago
I do, but to tell the truth I feel out did by the ones on this site. I don't do steering and sometimes my car has suspension, and I don't normally aim at real cars ( unless it's the scion xb. Yuck! Disgusting).
you shouldnt feel outdone, every k'nex car is good to me considering there arent many knex cars on this site anymore lol. but if someone build a scion xb out of knex that would probably be really cool!
KneXtreme5 years ago
I'm building a knex truck right now.
ook great! im gonna follow you so i can see it! im building a car right now!. but check out my builds!
Awesome! Thanks for the sub. Don't know why I haven't subbed you.

Can't wait to see your car.

I've checked out your other builds before there pretty awesome.

I'm currently building a 2 wheel-drive, independent suspension, off road pick-up truck with steering.
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