one way air valves (like on a football,basketball etc)

Looking for valves see photo (ok don't uploader not working)

Well a valve that you stick an inflator needle into like on a soccer ball, basket ball etc.

Need 12-50 or so.

Anyone have a source?

I've searched but no luck, it might be I just haven't phrased it right but...


kelseymh2 years ago
I did a Google search on "sports ball valve". This was one of the first hits:

danneauxs (author)  kelseymh2 years ago
Huh, strange. I used the same term and just got industrial ball valves, how to repair sports balls and pumps.

OOOPS!!! Yup told you is was my search term. Just checked and I had been using "sport" NOT "sports".

Sometimes it just needs a set of fresh eyes.

Thanks for doing me this great service.
I also got hits for "ball valves", but later on. It's weird that "sport" vs. "sports" should make that much difference, but I shouldn't meddle in the affairs of Google, for it is subtle, and quick to anger :-) Glad you were able to find what you need!