on/off switch to pipe lamp

Hi guys, I am creating pipe lamps and I noticed here some lamps with on/off switch which is included in the pipe...not outside on the cable. Can you give me a hint where do you get these or how do you create them?

something like this switch, or similar


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Toga_Dan3 years ago

i have pulled several old dimmers from halogen floor lamps people have thrown out. These (SCR?) dimmer switches seem to survive long after the lamps physically fall apart.

bejbe01 (author)  Toga_Dan3 years ago

do you have some picture please?:)


this type of lamp is so fragile that they land in dumpsters busted into 3 or 4 sections of pipe. Guts are still fine. I also got 1 of those dimmers for 50 cents or somethin when the thrift store got a busted lite. they may just give you it since its trash to 99.9% of folks

Kiteman3 years ago

You can get on/off/dimmer switches with a knob you turn - take off the knob, fit the switch inside your plumbing, then add a tap-turner or gate-valve handle.



bejbe01 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

thanks, thats good idea with on/off/dimmer switch but I've found in my stores only this "switch" or his smaller version where it is not possible to put some dimmer inside...so I have to search more for pipe switches where there will be more space inside


Kiteman bejbe013 years ago
bejbe01 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

cool thanks a lot :) this looks possible with my stuff